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5 Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Whether your car is a fuel-efficient or a non-efficient model, there are several ways you can improve your fuel economy. This can lead to increased gas mileage, which has both economic and environmental benefits. Improved gas mileage translates to savings at the pump. In addition, lower fuel consumption means less carbon emission and better energy sustainability, which contribute to environmental conservation. Check out these five tips to help you improve your vehicle's fuel economy.

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1. Remove Unnecessary Weight

The heavier your car is, the harder your engine works to move it, thus resulting in higher fuel consumption. You can quickly increase your gas mileage (to a mile or two per gallon) by removing unnecessary items from your car.

2. Use Manufacturer-Recommended Oil

Always use the oil recommended in your car owner's manual. Using a different type of oil, especially a heavier one, puts more pressure on the engine as it increases the friction. As a result, the engine consumes more gas to move the car.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance and Servicing

Keeping up with regular servicing and routine maintenance ensures the vehicle, and more so the engine, is always operating as efficiently as possible. An efficient engine translates to optimal fuel utilization.

4. Limit Idling

Vehicle idling releases about six million gallons of fuel into the air every year. By limiting vehicle idling, you can increase your gas mileage as well as contribute to environmental conservation by minimizing the release of exhaust fumes into the air.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure

Not only are properly inflated tires safer, but they can help improve your fuel economy. By regularly checking your tire pressure and keeping your tires properly inflated, you can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%.

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You don't have to have a fuel-efficient model to improve your fuel economy. By implementing the above tips, you can greatly improve your fuel economy and save a great deal at the pump. If you're within Columbia, Jefferson City, or St. Louis, MO, and you need expert repair services, check out our auto repair shops. We offer comprehensive auto repair and tire services to help improve your fuel economy and keep your vehicle in excellent condition. To learn more about our auto services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our six convenient locations, contact us today!

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