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6 Benefits of a Properly Maintained Exhaust System

Properly maintaining your vehicle's exhaust system doesn't just help boost your car’s performance, it keeps you safe. The exhaust system refers to your car’s muffler, catalytic converter, and exhaust manifold, all of which help to divert toxic engine exhaust fumes out of your car and away from you. This prohibits potentially deadly carbon monoxide build-up in the vehicle's interior.

vehicle exhaust system maintenance

Benefits to Exhaust System Maintenance

While the above essential function of the exhaust system tops the list of reasons to maintain your system, others exist. The top benefits of a properly maintained exhaust system include:

  1. Control of harmful gases
  2. Quieter vehicle operation
  3. Reduced engine/vehicle temperatures
  4. Improved catalytic converter health
  5. Improved fuel efficiency
  6. Enhanced vehicular power

Signs of a Problem and Repair Benefits

As mentioned, your exhaust system keeps toxins from the engine combustion out of the vehicle's interior cabin, keeping you and your passengers safe. You also benefit from the quieter operation of your vehicle. Noise from the muffler or engine signals exhaust problems. If you hear a louder than usual rev from the engine or a rattling noise that resembles shaking a jar of pennies, you probably have an exhaust system issue. The exhaust system also helps cool the engine. A water-cooled exhaust system helps maintain appropriate engine temperatures, which helps your vehicle maintain power. A properly running exhaust system also works to keep your catalytic converter healthy. When your car's check engine light comes on, it could signal a problem with the catalytic converter. The final benefit of a properly maintained exhaust system is improved fuel efficiency. A decrease in your car's fuel efficiency can point to an exhaust system problem.

Contact Our Exhaust System Repair Experts

At Custom Complete Automotive, we strive to keep your vehicle performing at its best, while ensuring your safety in the process. With our exhaust system repair services, our ASE and CCA certified technicians will ensure your car’s exhaust system is in quality condition. To learn more about our exhaust system repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our six Missouri locations, contact us today!

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