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6 Common Car Engine Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

The engine one component of your car you cannot afford to compromise. That said, diagnosing car engine problems is not always the easiest of tasks. The best way of ensuring that car engine troubles don't disrupt your driving is by keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance. Even so, there are times when car engine problems befall you anyway. In such a case, knowing what car engine issue you are dealing with can help you determine the best next step. Keep reading to discover six common engine issues you shouldn’t ignore.

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1. Leaking Engine Coolant

One of the most common engine problems is engine coolant leakage. As the engine coolant leaks from your car's cooling system parts, such as the overflow reservoir, water pump, or radiator, the levels of the coolant drop to low levels, thereby making it ineffective. Without enough engine coolant, your engine will overheat and won't be able to function as it should.

2. Inadequate Air and Fuel Compression

Poor compression of both air and fuel inside your car engine is a disaster waiting to happen. The most prominent reasons for poor engine combustion are holes in the cylinder, broken valve seals, and overused piston rings, which cause air leakage.

3. Damaged Oxygen Sensors

When your oxygen sensors are damaged, they can render your vehicle's emission system ineffective, resulting in inefficient driving and more money out of your pocket.

4. Poor Lubrication

Your vehicle's moving parts should be adequately oiled. Lack of lubrication will result in unnecessary friction in the engine, leading to it overheating or, worse, seizing up. Ensure that you keep up with regular oil changes to keep your engine oil at appropriate levels.

5. Worn Out Combustion Parts

Worn-out valves or piston rings, or a hole in the cylinder can result in lost compression, preventing the engine from completing the combustion process and diminishing your vehicle's performance.

6. Worn Out Spark Plugs

Car engine problems caused by worn-out spark plugs are prevalent in older vehicles. Spark plugs are designed to ignite the compressed fuel in your car engine. A worn-out spark plug creates a weak ignition and can lead to your engine misfiring. This issue can not only jeopardize the engine of your car in the long run, but it also results in your vehicle using fuel inefficiently.

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