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6 Common Problems with Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are known for their durability, superior power, and torque, making them a popular choice for trucks and buses. Their fuel efficiency is another reason many still prefer diesel engines over gasoline ones. However, like any mechanical system, diesel engines have their fair share of challenges. Keep reading as we list a few common problems with diesel engines.

6 common problems with diesel engines

Diesel Engine Problems

Most car owners complain of common issues with their diesel engines. While your automobile may exhibit similar problems, an experienced mechanic should fix them. Visit an auto repair shop near you when you experience the following issues with your diesel engine.

1. Glow Plug Failure

A glow plug heats incoming fuel and air for an efficient engine. When the glow plug begins to fail, you may experience misfires, hard starts, and decreased performance.

2. Hard Start

Diesel engines are more likely to develop hard start issues than gasoline ones. The hard starts may arise from glow plug failures, battery and starter problems, or fuel system issues. Schedule a maintenance service when you begin to experience hard start issues.

3. Contaminated Fuel

Diesel engines are more sensitive to fuel quality than the gasoline engines. Contaminated or low-quality diesel fuel can cause injector clogging, fuel pump damage, and decreased performance.

4. Black Exhaust

While a few black exhaust puffs are expected from a diesel engine, excessive emission indicates a problem. Visit an auto shop to have the engine problem diagnosed and appropriate repairs completed.

5. Oxidation of the Oil

Oxidation refers to air bubbles in the oil, which causes lubrication issues. Oil oxidation is common for diesel engines that have been unused for months.

6. Excessive Noise

Diesel engines produce noise—however, excessive noise points to an engine problem that requires fixing.

Visit Custom Complete Automotive for All Diesel Engine Issues

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