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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

Many car enthusiasts assume a substantial financial investment is required to enhance your car's performance and make it go faster. However, you can make several cost-effective modifications to boost your car's speed without breaking the bank. Keep reading to explore five effective and budget-friendly ways to make your car go faster.

car driving fast down road due to cost-effective performance maintenance

1. Reduce Weight

Reducing weight is one simple and affordable way to make your car more powerful. Extra weight can slow down a vehicle and decrease its fuel efficiency. Remove unnecessary items from your trunk and interior to reduce weight. Replacing heavy factory parts with lighter aftermarket alternatives, such as lightweight alloy wheels or even carbon-fiber body panels, can also reduce the overall weight of a vehicle.

2. Upgrade Brakes

A high-performance brake system allows you to brake later and harder into a turn or corner than low-performance systems. The improved braking capabilities will enable you to maintain higher speeds for a more extended period, resulting in faster lap times or quicker acceleration. Upgraded brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, and performance rotors can significantly enhance your car's overall performance.

3. Change Spark Plugs

High-performance spark plugs can help your car run more smoothly, faster, and efficiently. High-quality spark plugs ignite the fuel-air mixture more effectively, increasing horsepower. This modification is relatively simple, making it a cost-effective way to get more power out of your engine.

4. Improve Air Intake

Ensuring your engine receives adequate clean air is vital to ensuring its optimum performance. Upgrading your air intake system with a performance air filter or cold-air intake increases the airflow to the engine, resulting in greater horsepower.

5. Remove Over-sized Rims

Over-sized rims can negatively impact acceleration and overall handling. Over-sized rims add more weight to your car, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency and slower acceleration. By downsizing to appropriately sized rims, you can reduce the rotational mass and unsprung weight, leading to quicker acceleration and improved maneuverability.

6. Upgrade Tires and Suspension

Investing in high-quality performance tires and improving your car's suspension setup can significantly impact its performance and handling. Performance tires can improve your car's handling and traction. A well-tuned suspension provides better stability and faster acceleration. Making your car go faster doesn't necessarily require a hefty budget. By employing these cost-effective modifications and seeking the expertise of reputable automotive specialists like Custom Complete Automotive, you can significantly enhance your car's speed and performance.

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