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7 Benefits of Synthetic Oil

When it's time for an oil change, it's important to understand the different types of oil, why you should choose one over another, and the benefits associated with each.

mechanic using synthetic oil during car oil change

Conventional Oil and Synthetic Oil

The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate your vehicle's engine, reducing wear and tear, keeping the engine cool, and removing sludge and other waste associated with a running engine. Motor oil can be divided into two categories: conventional and synthetic. The difference between the two is in the refining process. Conventional oil is produced directly from crude oil with minimal refinement, while synthetic oil is highly refined and often contains additives which are beneficial for your vehicle's engine.

Conventional Vs. Synthetic: Which is Better?

The additional level of refinement in synthetic oil results in a better oil. However, it also costs far more than conventional oil.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  1. Reduced wear and friction on engine
  2. Better performance in extreme weather
  3. Fewer emissions
  4. Removes more engine sludge and deposits
  5. Lasts longer than conventional oil
  6. Better fuel and oil economy
  7. Quicker engine start time

Is Synthetic Oil Worth the Price?

Taking all of the above benefits into consideration, we believe synthetic oil is worth the cost. Not only will synthetic oil allow your engine to run better, resulting in less wear and tear and emissions, but it will also save you money on repairs down the road. Synthetic oil also needs to be changed less frequently. Synthetic oil changes are generally every 7,500-10,000 miles, while conventional oil changes are every 3,000-5,000 miles. Synthetic oil is almost always worth the higher price and can help protect the life of your vehicle, saving you more money in the long run. At Custom Complete Automotive, our certified technicians can help you decide on an oil that works best for your vehicle. To schedule an oil change, or to learn more about our auto services, contact us today!

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