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7 Things to Have Inspected and Repaired After a Car Accident

If you've recently been in a car accident, there are some things that you need to have checked out, repaired, and get the all clear on before you start driving your vehicle again. Keep reading to discover the seven most common car parts you should have inspected after an accident.

vehicles involved in car accident

1. Driver Assistance Systems

If your vehicle has one or more driver assistance systems, such as lane departure warning, sensors for lane assistance, and adaptive cruise control, you'll need to have the systems checked to make sure they're operating properly. After an accident, they can easily have damage to a sensor that needs to be replaced.

2. Suspension System

The suspension on your car can impact the exterior body. The suspension needs to be repaired so that you can drive your vehicle safely and not cause other systems to start breaking down. If you're suspension is off, then you'll likely have issues with the power steering.

3. Wheel Alignment

The impact from accidents will often impact the wheel alignment to the left or the right, depending on where you got hit. If the wheel alignment isn't adjusted after an accident, it can cause severe wear on your tires and pose a safety issue.

4. Airbags

Even if the airbags didn't deploy from the accident, technicians need to do an inspection to make sure they are still intact and will deploy in the event of another impact. In some cases, the airbags don't deploy all the way, which can keep them from deploying later, if they are needed.

5. Seatbelts

It's the law to make sure you wear your seatbelts, so making sure that they will click and stay on is vital for legal and safety concerns. Sometimes the impact of accidents can cause the buckles to break, which means they need to be replaced.

6. Brake System

In some accidents, your brake system can lock up and you may need to replace the brake pads. It's important to have your brakes checked before you start driving, as it is crucial to be able to stop safely when driving.

7. Fluid Levels

If there were any cracks or leaks that happened beneath the hood of your car during the accident, then your fluid levels may be off. With our oil, lube, and filter services, our technicians will make sure you have right amount of oil, coolant, and other fluids that your vehicle needs.

If you're in need of quick and efficient auto repair services following your accident, contact Custom Complete Automotive today!

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