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Cruising with Cruise Control: The Essential Do’s and Don'ts

When taking long road trips, using cruise control can help make those long drives a little easier. It can even help you save money on gas (and prevent speeding tickets!) while you're at it. Keep reading to learn more about how to safely use cruise control!  

driver using cruise control during road trip

What Exactly Is Cruise Control?

Cruise control lets you drive at highway speeds without constantly applying pressure to the gas pedal. That's a tremendous relief when you're facing seemingly endless miles of driving! You can simply set the cruise control for the speed you want to maintain while your right foot remains relaxed but ready to take over as needed.

How Cruise Control Works

Cruise control works by controlling the amount of air your vehicle's internal combustion engine gets. More air means more power and thus more speed. Instead of your foot on the accelerator pedal controlling the throttle, the cruise control uses a cable hooked up to an actuator to do the same thing.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Cruise Control

  • DO maintain a safe distance from other cars. If your car is traveling at a constant speed but the vehicle in front of you isn't, an accident can occur. Pay attention and disengage your cruise control as needed to maintain a safe distance.
  • DO keep your foot on or near the pedal so you can react quickly if needed.
  • DON'T use in heavy or stop and go traffic. You'll spend a lot of time setting and disabling it just when you need to pay extra attention to the surrounding drivers.
  • DON'T use cruise control during wet driving conditions! Doing so greatly increases the danger if your vehicle begins hydroplaning and hitting your brakes to disengage it can cause a dangerous skid.

Custom Complete Automotive Can Keep You Cruising

At Custom Complete Automotive, we strive to keep your ride as comfortable as possible. If you're noticing problems with your cruise control or any of your vehicle's other electrical systems, contact us today for friendly, reliable service!

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