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Get to Know Your Engine Block

At Custom Complete Automotive, we're not above playing with blocks - most importantly, engine blocks! The engine block houses the cylinder and other essential parts of the internal combustion engine, including the crankshaft, coolant and lubrication passages, the water cooling jacket, and other various pistons inside the cylinder. The cylinder block may be split up into an upper and lower block depending on your engine. This block is built to be powerful and sturdy, because it essentially holds your vehicle together. If your engine block stops working, your car will not function!

vehicle engine being repaired

The engine block is responsible for a variety of operations: placing and distributing fluids, maintaining the accuracy of the main components within the block, and, perhaps most importantly, conducting heat. If the cylinder block is prevented from conducting heat correctly, this can cause it to seize up, causing engine failure. Regular inspection and maintenance of this piece is important for the overall lifespan of your vehicle. While the engine block itself is a strong hunk of metal, it is not immune to problems. There are some common things to be cautious about as you put more miles on your car, and thus more wear on the engine block.

  • Cracked cylinder. Over time, the smooth cylinder walls will become warn, causing them to crack in some cases. This often results in your cylinders misfiring, developing a lot of damage. In extremely bad cases, a cracked cylinder could be terminal for your engine block.
  • Coolant and oil leaks. Sometimes a minor crack in the engine block or a loose plug can cause fluids to leak out of your car. It is dangerous to drive for too long without addressing this problem.
  • Poorly cast block. Your engine block could have been molded incorrectly during the manufacturing process, causing the casing to become porous.

Engine problems can be a headache, so make sure you keep up proper care and regular inspections. If you think your vehicle’s engine needs repair or you have any other questions or issues, contact us today for a fast, friendly fix for your vehicle.

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