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How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Vehicle

Whether your car won't start or your tires are losing pressure, winter weather and cold temperatures can really have an effect on your vehicle. Keep reading to discover five ways cold temperatures can affect your vehicle.

vehicle properly maintained during winter

1. Fuel Line Frozen

When there is water moisture in the fuel lines, they can freeze up and clog your system, especially with low fuel in the tank. A way to decrease the chances for a frozen fuel line would be to keep your tank as full as possible. Clogs and frozen parts of a fuel line mean there will be no fuel getting to the engine, which will not allow your car to move.

2. Battery Problems

During freezing temperatures, your car's battery may have problems starting your car. To help prevent your battery from giving out, keep your battery connections clean and tight. Investing in a battery warmer can also make a huge difference, especially if below-freezing temperatures are common where you live.

3. Thick Fluids

Fluids in your car's engine can thicken during cold weather, making it more difficult to effectively lubricate and move about through your engine. Motor oil, transmission fluid, and engine coolant are all susceptible. To help lower the chances of your motor oil thickening, try using a full synthetic oil.

4. Underinflated Tires

Cold weather can cause the tire pressure to lower which can make your tires a hazard in wet conditions and may allow sliding on slick surfaces. Routinely checking your tires for the proper tire pressure and filling them when necessary will keep you safer, especially throughout the winter.

5. Corrosion

With ice and snow comes road salt. Salt can stick to your car's surfaces and may cause damage and corrosion. While corrosion can weaken the structural components, it may also eat holes in metal, possibly allowing your car to leak or be exposed to more damage.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

At Custom Complete Automotive, we understand the impact winter weather can have on your vehicle. To learn more about our auto repair services and how we can help you keep your car in excellent condition throughout every season, contact us today!

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