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Our Lives Depend Upon Reliable Vehicles

In today's world we all need our wheels. To get to our jobs or college classes, to pick up groceries and supplies, attend entertainment events, visit friends and relatives, go on pleasure drives and vacations. If we have children, the whole family relies on a good running vehicle as transportation to soccer practice and after school events. Breakdowns disrupt lives. No one wants to be late for work or class, but we're not all mechanics who can keep up with essential car maintenance ourselves. Routine checkups are as important for our vehicle as preventive doctor visits are for us. If our vehicle should inadvertently let us down, we need access to a trusted car repair service. Custom Complete Automotive strives to provide guidance and affordable, convenient, reliable service, so customers can focus on their lives, rather than their car's problems.

employee fixing vehicle engine at Custom Complete Automotive

What We Can Do for Your Car - From Oil Changes to Engine Rebuilds

We are a full-service auto repair shop. Here is a short list of maintenance and repairs we offer:

What We Can Do for You - Special Perks Most Shops Don't Offer

Don't have alternate transportation to take you home or to work while your car is in the shop? No worries. Just tell us and we'll provide shuttle service to ensure you get to the places you need. We offer walk-in consultations for your convenience and a price match guarantee. Not too many shops offer to provide the lowest price available in the area, but it's another indication of how important it is to us to assist in making the basic need of owning a car possible for everyone. Choosing a good mechanic is one of the most important steps toward having a reliable source of transportation. We hope you'll choose us. We do our best to earn your trust. We are a well-established company based in Columbia, Missouri, with over 40 years of experience at that location, but we also have branches throughout the state of Missouri to serve you. Our technicians are well trained to provide prompt, efficient service. If you're overwhelmed by the demands of life, but know your vehicle needs service, contact Custom Complete Automotive for an appointment or for answers to any questions you have about your car's needs.

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We have multiple auto repair shops throughout Missouri located in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis.

About the Author
Eric Riddles

Eric Riddles is an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician who has been working as an auto mechanic since 1998 and originally joined the team at Custom Complete Automotive in 2005. Eric has numerous certifications in various aspects of car repair and spent 10 years training the next generation of auto technicians at a local high school Auto Shop classroom.

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