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The Mechanics Behind a Fast Car

When it comes to a fast car, horsepower is only a small part of the equation. Fast cars use a whole slew of other components to make them well-rounded sporty machines. From the transmission to the tires and everything in between, a properly fast car requires a myriad of specially tuned components that are well-maintained.

well maintained vehicle driving fast on highway

Maintaining Power

To put it simply, a car engine is a complex air pump. Air is sucked in and mixed with gasoline, ignited by a spark plug, then expelled through an exhaust pipe system. The more air in an engine, the more power you'll get out of it. However, things begin to get complicated when you look at the many factors and components that go into the seemingly simple process of breathing air into an engine.

Breathing Air and Lighting It on Fire

At the front of the engine is an air filter that keeps abrasive dirt and debris out of your engine while letting clean air flow through. A dirty, worn-out filter will rob even the fastest cars of their lifeblood so it’s important to keep your air filter clean and replace periodically. You can even opt for a high-flow aftermarket filter to let more air in and produce a bit more power. Then there's the ignition system, namely the spark plugs and electrical components that power them. Faulty plugs or wires will produce inadequate or inconsistent sparks in the cylinders and make your engine run extremely rough, robbing it of power, smoothness, and reliability.

Sealing Everything Up

From the head gasket to the rear muffler flanges, your engine uses a slew of rubberized seals to keep everything airtight. Leaky engine seals will make your engine run terribly while letting vital fluids, like oil, escape. Leaky intake and exhaust seals will decrease power by creating turbulent airflow into and out of the engine. Keeping your car running fast and smooth requires diligent maintenance of all the seals throughout the entire power train.

Handling Components

Speed isn't all about straight-line acceleration. Handling and stopping power are just as important. Worn-out transmission components will keep your engine from driving your wheels properly and rob you of acceleration. Broken suspension and chassis components will cause your car to poorly handle corners and create an uncomfortable ride. To keep your car truly fast and reliable, properly maintain all of these components so that they work in unison to make your car a well-rounded speed machine. If you're not mechanically inclined, it's important to have expert mechanics on your side to ensure your car is in tip-top shape. To keep your car running fast and smooth for as long as possible, contact us today!

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