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Tire Rotation Is More Than Spinning Your Wheels

When it comes to your vehicle, some things are complicated, but there is no need to spin your wheels when it comes to tire rotation. This fast but important service visit will pay you back in multiple ways.

tire rotation service at Custom Complete Automotive

What Is Tire Rotation?

It's important to have your tires rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles. Front and rear tires perform different tasks and wear differently from each position on your vehicle, so it's important to participate in an ongoing rotation plan to ensure even wear on all the tires. There are about a dozen different rotation patterns depending on the car you drive. Front-wheel drive cars typically have the rear tires brought to the front but on the sides opposite to their last position. So, the back left rear tire would come to the right front, and so on. Custom Complete Automotive will follow the accepted tire pattern rotation recommended for your vehicle.

Why It Matters

There are several solid reasons to rotate your tires. Your tires influence the balance of your car, its responsiveness and maneuverability on the road, its traction, safety, and fuel use. And most tire manufacturers require appropriate tire rotation to maintain the validity of tire purchase warranties. Rotation also helps ensure even tread depth and prolongs the life of your tires, saving you money. In ensuring more even wear, your tires will last longer, and when replacement is needed you'll be able to replace all the tires at the same time, continuing the improved balance, responsiveness, and safety, of your car.

One of the best times to have your tires rotated is every other time you have your oil changed if you change oil every 3-months. While your car is on the lift, our expert service team inspect the tires for safety issues and tread wear, remove small stones or other road debris, and check inflation too, keeping you and your loved ones safe and on the road.

For the best in customer service and a team you can always trust for your tire rotation or other automotive needs, contact us today!

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