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Top 3 Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Also known as a coolant flush, a radiator flush cleanses your car's cooling system to prevent corrosion in metal engine parts. It removes contaminants such as rust, scale, and debris from your radiator to protect the engine from overheating. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a radiator flush.

mechanic performing radiator flush

1. Gets Rid of Contaminants

Over time, contaminants such as rust and scale deposits can build up in the cooling system, making your engine less efficient. This can lead to overheating or other engine issues. A radiator flush cleanses your radiator and cooling system to eliminate contaminants, maintain your engine's efficiency, and prevent contaminant-caused engine issues.

2. Lubricates the Water Pump

When you flush your car's radiator, you essentially replace the old coolant with a new one containing additives. The additives help lubricate the water pump, which circulates the coolant throughout the engine. If not lubricated properly, the water pump can get damaged and fail, resulting in overheating. A radiator flush lubricates the water pump to prevent these issues from coming up.

3. Makes Your Car's Cooling System More Durable

A radiator flush ensures the cooling system operates smoothly and efficiently by removing contaminants and lubricating the water pump. This can help improve the durability of your vehicle's cooling system.

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A radiator flush is an essential maintenance procedure to help keep your vehicle operating efficiently and prevent costly damages. If you need a radiator flush, get your car checked by a qualified mechanic from Custom Complete Automotive. We also offer air conditioning repair services, including:

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  • Removing the refrigerant from your car's system and vacuum testing the system for leaks

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