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Top 4 Advantages of Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brake systems are specially designed as a safety feature to give drivers more control when driving in an emergency or need to make quick, abrupt stops. They are especially perfect for navigating during a panic or emergency by restoring tire traction, preventing the wheels from locking up, and allowing a safe drive. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of anti-lock brakes.

anti lock brake system light on car dashboard

What are Anti-Lock Brakes?

An anti-lock braking system is an anti-skid safety brake technology that enables drivers to retain traction when steering in extreme driving conditions. These brakes are handy when driving on a slippery surface because they help restore traction to your tires, allowing drivers to stop faster and have complete control of the vehicle. Anti-lock brakes have four main components:

  1. Speed sensors - Speed sensors on the wheel help drivers know which wheels are about to lock.
  2. Pumps - The pumps add pressure once the valves remove some pressure from the line to ensure stability.
  3. Valves - The valves in every brake line controlled by the anti-lock brake system are used for opening, blocking, or releasing pressure from the brake line in line with the dynamics of the brake's operation.
  4. Controllers - The controllers monitor the speed sensors and control the valves.

Advantages of Using Anti-Lock Brakes

Benefits of using anti-lock braking systems include:

  • Greater traction control: The advanced traction control technology and the anti-lock brake systems share basic designs ensuring your wheels have excellent grip.
  • Increased stopping abilities: Their primary purpose is to prevent your wheels from locking up and minimize slipping, keeping in mind that all roads are not in perfect condition, making them a must-have in extremely unpredictable weather.
  • High resale value: This applies to whether you have a truck, car, or SUV, as the anti-lock brakes add to the overall value of your car. In fact, not having ABS in your car can lower its value.
  • Lower insurance costs: ABS have proved to be extremely effective on the road and have contributed to fewer accidents, resulting in lower insurance costs.

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