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Top 4 Causes of Alternator Failure

The alternator is among the most vital components of a vehicle. It is responsible for delivering the right amount of electricity to power your car's battery and other electrical components. Just like other auto components, the alternator can deteriorate suddenly or slowly over time, resulting in different electrical hitches within your vehicle. Keep reading to discover four of the most common causes of alternator failure.

alternator being repaired by mechanic

1. Bad Fuse

Fuses play a functional role in keeping the alternator operational. However, these fuses can potentially blow out, either during a power surge or after a certain period of time, causing alternator failure. If you believe your car has a blown fuse, see a mechanic near you. A mechanic will be able to quickly locate the blown fuse and make repairs.

2. Wiring Issues

It takes lots of wires to carry enough power to the alternator. If just one of these wires wears out or becomes somewhat damaged, the alternator could fail and prevent your car’s battery from charging. In order to keep your car running properly, it is a good idea to have your alternator's wiring inspected and any necessary action taken.

3. Dead Alternator

Typically, a new alternator should last between five and seven years. Assuming it has been that long and your car is experiencing electrical glitches, your alternator may be dead and need to be replaced.

4. Broken Belt or Pulley

Alternators employ motorized power from pulley and belt mechanisms to generate electricity for your car. These pulleys and belts may wear out over time, potentially leading to breakage. In order to keep your alternator functioning as it should, these belts or pulleys may need to be replaced.

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