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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Car Might be Leaking Oil

Having clean, well-lubricated metal parts in your engine is impossible without engine oil. Thus, an engine oil leak is unpleasant to deal with and can have severe consequences for both you and your vehicle. Keep reading to check out some common reasons why your car might be leaking oil.

vehicle leaking engine oil

1. Damaged Gasket

Gaskets are a crucial part of every car's engine. They help move fluids like oil, coolant, and fuel throughout the vehicle. Unfortunately, gaskets deteriorate with time, which reduces the strength of the seals they provide. An engine oil can leak may be a sign of a damaged gasket.

2. Damaged Oil Filter

An oil filter removes debris and other pollutants from the motor oil to prevent engine damage. Although the vast majority function as intended, most wear down after a few thousand miles of driving. An oil leak in an engine might be the result of a faulty oil filter or a poor installation. If you've recently changed the oil and still have a leak, it's possible that the oil filter became dislodged or is loose.

3. Loose Drain Plug

Most engine oil leaks may be traced back to a poorly secured oil drain plug, but this is especially true if you have done it manually. An oil leak can occur if the oil drain cap comes loose while driving.

4. Bad Valve Seals or Rings

Seal leaks in the crankshaft or camshaft are difficult to diagnose and need expert attention. Several oil seals in your car, including the crankshaft and camshaft seals, prevent engine oil from leaking out of the valve cover gaskets and timing cover gaskets. The seals will sometimes dry up, break, or be damaged enough to cause a motor oil leak.

Oil Change Service Near You

A little oil leak may not seem like a big deal, but it might have disastrous consequences if left unchecked. To ensure your vehicle continues to serve you well for as long as possible, Custom Complete Automotive is pleased to provide low-cost oil changes, lube, and filter changes. To learn more about our oil change services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our Missouri locations, contact us today!

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