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Top 5 Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Car overheating is a common engine problem that should not be taken lightly as it can potentially cause permanent damage to your engine. In order to keep your car in good working order, it is important to know the potential causes of overheating. Keep reading to discover five common reasons for car overheating.

mechanic repairing overheating car engine

1. Improperly Circulating Coolant

The coolant is pumped through the engine, where it absorbs excess heat from the engine. When the cooling system is not functioning properly, the coolant may not circulate through the engine well. This results in the coolant flow becoming paralyzed, causing the engine to overheat.

2. A Hose Needs Replacing

Hoses are integral parts of the car's cooling system. The coolant moves through the hoses as it passes between the engine and the radiator. If the hoses are clogged, damaged, loose, or cracked, they can impede the flow of the coolant, which results in engine overheating. Such damaged hoses should be replaced to enhance the adequate functioning of the cooling system.

3. Internal Debris in the Cooling System

A perfect cooling system gives excellent cooling results. When the system is tampered with, things change. Your car overheating may result from the presence of debris within the cooling system. This debris accumulates on the inside, causing a blockage that impairs the coolant flow.

4. Low Engine Oil

Regular oil changes are critical for the health of your vehicle as motor oil not only lubricates the engine’s parts, it also helps control your engine’s overall temperature. If your vehicle’s oil is low or full of debris, engine temperatures may increase, causing your car to overheat.

5. Damaged Radiator

The coolant gets it cool back from the radiator. If the radiator has suffered damage, like a burned-out radiator fan or physical radiator damage from an accident, the coolant may stay too warm, causing excess heat within your engine.

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It is a frustrating scenario to see smoke emanating from under the hood of your car. Overheating engines happen and can bring a lot of inconveniences and permanent damage if precautions are not taken early. At Custom Complete Automotive, our engine repair experts provide fast, trustworthy diagnoses and repair of your engine to prevent overheating and keep your car in excellent condition. To learn more about our engine repair services, contact us today!

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