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What is Synthetic Blend Oil?

In today’s world, people rely on their cars to deliver them safely from place to place. Ensuring that your vehicle is in good working order is important and keeping up with regular maintenance, such as an oil change, is a major part in keeping your car healthy. There are three primary types of oil, including conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend. Most people have heard of synthetic blend oil but might not be sure of its benefits or how it differs from other types of oil.

synthetic blend oil being poured into oil compartment in vehicle

What is Motor Oil

Motor oil is used to keep a vehicle's engine cool, clean, and lubricated so all the parts can move together smoothly, with less friction and wear. It is made by mixing a base oil with different substances designed to enhance qualities like viscosity or corrosion resistance.

Differences Between Oil Types

Conventional oil is made from crude oil that comes from the ground and goes through a refining process. Likewise, most synthetic oil begins with crude oil, though some types are crafted from natural gas. However with synthetic oil, the crude oil is further refined, distilled, and higher quality man-made chemicals are added to give the oil more uniform molecules, fewer impurities, and improved stability. A synthetic blend is a combination of the two types of oil.

Synthetic and Synthetic Blend Oil Benefits

Synthetic and synthetic blend oil offer several benefits over conventional motor oil. These include:

  • The chemical manipulation of synthetic oil gives it better viscosity, so that it can flow easier in lower temperatures without becoming thick.
  • Over time oil breaks down, offering less protection to the engine's moving parts. Synthetics and synthetic blends break down more slowly than conventional oil, meaning longer stretches between oil changes.
  • High temperatures can also contribute to oil breakdown, but synthetics withstand hot weather better than conventional oil.
  • With usage over time, the impurities that oil picks up in the engine, along with its own deposits, can lead to sludge. Because they are processed further, synthetic and synthetic blend oils are purer, with fewer deposits.

Synthetic Blend Oil Cost Advantage

While synthetic oil offers many benefits, it is significantly more expensive than conventional oil. Synthetic blends offer the benefits of a synthetic oil, though to a slightly lesser degree, at a more economical price. For more information or help in determining which type of oil is best for your vehicle, contact Custom Complete Automotive today!

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