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When to Replace Your Car’s Turn Signal Bulb

The primary concern of all motorists on the road is safety. Car manufacturers have multiple internal and external features that are designed to enhance your overall safety while driving. However, regular maintenance and inspections are important in keeping these features running properly. One feature that can easily be overlooked is your turn signal.

repaired turn signal bulb on vehicle

Importance of Turn Signal Lights

Your turn signal bulb is both a safety concern and monetary one. Drive with a broken turn signal bulb and you risk getting a ticket or incurring heavy fines. Turn signal lights enable you to clearly indicate which direction you plan to go, as well as safely changing lanes. When your turn signal bulb dies, you will not be able to alert drivers in front or behind of your intended actions. Malfunctioning turn signal bulbs renders your vehicle a safety hazard on the road.

How to Know You Need a Turn Signal Bulb Replacement

Your owner's manual provides a guide on when to replace a signal bulb, though most last for about 4,000 hours. Vehicles today have complex electrical circuits and it is important to delegate replacement tasks to a qualified mechanic. Nonetheless, simple observations can tell you if a turn signal bulb needs replacement:

  • Bulb is not flashing or lighting up
  • Bulb only works occasionally
  • There is a presence of black film on the bulb or water in the housing

Replacing a Turn Signal Bulb

At Custom Complete Automotive, we provide electrical auto repairs and services for all makes and models. Signal bulb replacement may appear to be a simple procedure, however, at Custom Complete Automotive we make sure to follow a definitive process:

  • Testing turn signal
  • Verifying the bulb is dead
  • Removing the old signal bulb and electrical connector
  • Reassembling the turn signal and verify it is operational

Don’t risk getting a ticket, or worse, being involved in an accident. If your turn signal bulb needs replaced, or you have any other auto repair needs, contact us today for friendly, reliable service!

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