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4 Common Myths Surrounding Suspension System Repair

Information can spread rather quickly in this age characterized by the internet and smartphones. People can spread information without conforming if it's true or not. When it comes to automobile maintenance, false information or even half-truths can prove expensive to vehicle owners. Keep reading as we debunk the common myths surrounding a vehicle's suspension system to help you prevent losses due to future disruptive performance issues.

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Myth 1: The Suspension System is Only for Comfort

The truth is the suspension system does provide comfort by maximizing the friction between the road and your car's tires. However, that isn't the only role a suspension system plays. Suspension systems prevent vibrations that cause the loosening of vehicle components over time, while also making handling easier on tough terrain. A functioning suspension system does provide comfort, but more importantly, it increases driving safety.

Myth 2: Lowering Your Suspension Always Improves Performance.

While lowering your suspension might seem like it will improve your vehicle’s performance, this is not always the case. In fact, lowering the vehicle's suspension can sometimes reduce overall performance. This is because when the suspension lowers, the bottom of the vehicle is at a higher risk of scraping the ground, which can lead to further wear and tear on important auto parts.

Myth 3: It's Easy to Tell When the Suspension System Needs Repair

The suspension system is one of the easiest parts to overlook in terms of maintenance since it's not readily visible. Although forgotten, it often absorbs most of the shock, causing wear and tear. This wear and tear can cause issues that may not be noticeable until severe damage has already occurred. It's important to perform suspension system checks and maintenance as per your vehicle's manual instructions or as much as possible, depending on how frequently you drive.

Myth 4: The Suspension Operates Independently

Another big myth surrounding the suspension system is that it operates independently. The truth is your car's suspension significantly impacts the brakes, tires, and drivetrain system. That is why a malfunctioning strut or shock within your suspension could impact your vehicle's handling and increase wear on your tires.

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