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5 Things You Should Never Do in an Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Almost all new cars come with an automatic transmission because they're easier to drive and have other benefits. When operating an automatic transmission vehicle, it’s important to practice good driving habits. Keep reading to discover a few things you should never do when operating an automatic transmission vehicle.

vehicle with automatic transmission

1. Fail to Use the Emergency Brake

With an automatic transmission, it is important to engage the emergency brake when you're parked, especially on any type of slope. The emergency brake not only gives your car added stability, it can also help to extend the life of your automatic transmission.

2. Leave the Car in Drive When Sitting for Extended Periods

Although you aren't moving, your transmission and engine are running, which causes wear on both. If you're going to be sitting for more than a minute or two, it's always best to turn off the car and put the transmission in park. 

3. Use Two Feet When Driving

People who used to drive a car with a manual transmission may try to drive their new car with an automatic transmission using both feet. However, doing this, you run the risk of accidentally revving the engine and damaging the transmission.

4. Not Coming to a Complete Stop Before Shifting Between Reverse and Drive

When you switch gears without coming to a complete stop, the change between gears stops the car. This means that the transmission is performing the duties of the brake. As it acts as a brake, the transmission is under additional stress that will cause it to wear out more quickly. 

5. Driving With Low Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission relies on the transmission fluid to move between gears and keep things running smoothly. Low transmission fluid levels can damage the transmission. 

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