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3 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Vehicle

Manual transmission vehicles are a popular choice for drivers who like to feel more engaged with a car while driving. However, driving a manual vehicle requires one to be aware of certain rules and guidelines or avoid certain habits to ensure safety and prolong the vehicle's life. Keep reading to discover the 3 main things you should never do while in a manual transmission vehicle.

manual transmission vehicle

1. Never Rest Your Hand on the Gear Stick

While driving, your hands should always rest on the steering wheel unless when shifting gears, braking, or performing other essential driving functions. Resting your hand on the gear shifter puts unnecessary pressure on the transmission system, which results in premature wear and tear.

2. Never Keep Your Vehicle Engaged in a Gear at a Stop Sign

Keeping the car in gear while stationary at a red light also engages the clutch. You are likely to encounter numerous red lights in the city, and the more you press down the clutch, the more you cause damage to its springs and discs. It is advisable to constantly shift to neutral, release the clutch, and engage the brake at a red light. In addition, never rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving, as this also quickly wears the clutch disc.

3. Never Use the Clutch to Hold Your Car on a Hill

One of the most challenging things to master while driving a manual transmission car is how to get started or hold the vehicle on a hill. Most drivers release the clutch slowly until the "clutch bite point." At this point, the vehicle only moves forward slightly and remains steady on the incline.  

However, this puts unnecessary pressure on the clutch disc, causing them to wear and tear quickly. It is recommendable to use parking and regular brakes while holding on a hill. In addition, modern manual transmission vehicles have a hill start and hill hold assist system, which makes it easy to get started on a hill.

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