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Top 6 Advantages of a Manual Transmission

Automatic transmission vehicles have become very popular around the globe. However, many people still prefer manual transmission vehicles over automatic. Keep reading to discover the top six advantages of a manual transmission.

manual transmission vehicle properly serviced

1. Easier to Maintain

Manual transmission cars are not as complex as automatic transmissions, reducing the likelihood of something going wrong and decreasing the amount of regular needed repairs. The clutch is the only part that requires repair, but if you avoid roads in bad conditions and maintain careful driving, you can drive for hundreds of miles before you need a clutch change.

2. More Control

When driving a manual car, you have the utmost control. With manual transmissions, you can shift at any engine speed from any transmission gear, allowing you more control over your engine’s torque and power.

3. Better Fuel Economy

Manual transmission vehicles typically have better fuel economy than automatic vehicles. With manual transmission vehicles, you are afforded more driving control, allowing you to decide how much power you send to the engine and how much fuel is burned.

4. Less Expensive

Manual transmission vehicles have fewer moving parts than automatic vehicles, resulting in a lower initial buying price. In addition, fewer moving parts means fewer parts that can be damaged, resulting in lower repair costs.

5. More Fun

Manual vehicles are entertaining to drive. Alternating the clutch, fuel, and brakes keeps you more involved in your driving. In addition, a manual car presents a chance to learn new driving tactics in different situations, as well as take advantage of your engine’s real power.

6. Fewer Distractions

With a manual transmission, more concentration is required to properly operate the clutch, brakes, fuel, gears, and steering wheel. When driving a manual vehicle, you do not have extra hands to facilitate using phones, eating, or drinking. This results in fewer distractions and a safer drive.

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