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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Manual Transmission

Cars with manual transmission systems are engaging and offer some benefits that cars with automatic transmission systems lack. However, they also require regular maintenance of the transmission system to keep the engine running smoothly. Discover these five age-old tips for maintaining your car's manual transmission system.

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1. Use the Clutch Carefully

Riding the clutch is a term that refers to pressing down on the clutch while shifting gears. It is often a common habit among new drivers. Riding the clutch strains the engine and gearbox, resulting in engine complications and repair costs down the road.

2. Avoid Downshifting When Slowing Down Your Vehicle

Downshifting refers to the use of transmission gears to slow down the car. It is a convenient alternative to using the brake pedal. However, it strains the gearbox and accelerates the wear and tear of your transmission. As such, it is advisable only to use the brake pedal whenever you need to slow down or come to a stop.

3. Service the Engine Cooling System Regularly

Your car's engine cooling system cools the fluids used in the manual transmission system. These fluids lubricate the internal mechanical parts to ensure that the gears move smoothly and prevent friction, which causes wear and tear. As such, it is important to have your vehicle’s engine cooling system serviced regularly.

4. Have the Transmission Flushed Regularly

The fluid in your car's transmission system has a limited life expectancy. It collects dirt over time, reducing its efficiency and making it a liability for the engine. As such, it should be flushed and changed periodically, depending on how much you drive and the vehicle's average operating temperature.

5. Schedule Annual Transmission Inspections

It is also advisable to schedule annual inspections for the transmission system – and your car as a whole. This will help identify potential problems before they get worse.

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