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Making the Summer Switch: Change Your Motor Oil

Conventional, synthetic, synthetic blends... there are so many decisions when it comes to choosing motor oil. Knowing which type of oil is best for your car is essential in keeping your car in good condition. However, knowing when to switch your motor oil is also important.

mechanic switching engine oil in car for summer

Helping Your Vehicle Keep Its Cool

Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in your car's engine so there's less heat-producing friction. That's especially important in summer when engines are already fighting the heat. The last thing you need is more friction, heat, and wear caused by under performing engine oil! You need an oil that will perform like it should, keeping your hardworking engine clean, cool, and well lubricated. That means choosing a thicker motor oil for warmers temperatures. Oil thins as it warms up and if it gets too thin, it won't protect your engine as well as it should. Starting with a thicker oil allows room for that summer thinning without compromising performance. This is the exact opposite of what happens in winter when cold oil can thicken to the point of becoming sludgy. During cold temperatures, you’ll need a thin oil just to keep things moving at all! These seasonal differences in oil viscosity are why it's important to change your car's oil every time the seasons change. A car heading into hot weather needs all the engine lubrication and protection it can get!

Choosing a Thicker Oil

When choosing an oil for your car, you’ll want to pay attention to the oil weight number. These numbers are an indication of how well the oil flows at a particular temperature. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets the numbers after careful testing. Most engines operate at approximately 210° F so that's the temperature they use for testing. The number an oil is assigned reflects its viscosity (or how well it flows) at that temperature. Lighter oils flow faster while heavier oils take their time. A higher number means slower-moving, thicker oil.

Treat Your Ride to Regular Oil Changes

Is your car showing signs of needing an oil change? Bring your vehicle to one of our six service locations for an oil change. We'll perform a complete oil, lube, and filter change as well as provide a free comprehensive maintenance inspection. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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