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Top 6 Common Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are a common source of worry and financial hardship for vehicle owners everywhere. Keep reading to discover six of the most common transmission issues.

transmission in car in good condition due to regular service

1. Slipping Gears

If you notice that your engine is revving more than usual when driving and you don't have enough power to go forward, your gears may be slipping. The transmission of your car receives shifting instructions from the vehicle's computer. If there is a problem, the signal won't go through.

2. Transmission Shuddering or Shaking

When you accelerate quickly in a car with a gearbox problem, you may feel a shake or shudder. A fault in a manual gearbox will often make a grinding noise or feel rough while changing gears. Automatic transmission automobiles may experience more extreme shaking when they shift gears.

3. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Another typical issue that can cause severe complications inside the transmission is a transmission leak. A leaky axle or issue with the pan gasket, driveshaft seal, or transmission cooling line are common causes of transmission leaks.

4. Stalling Car

There may be problems with the transmission if a car stalls and then starts up again unexpectedly. Some cars can experience gearbox slip and stalling if the torque converter is not engaging and disengaging correctly.

5. Sudden Deceleration

When the engine of a car surges, the automobile will slow down despite the driver's continued application of pressure to the accelerator. Slowing down suddenly might mean that there's something wrong with your car's transmission.

6. Abnormal Noises

If you have heard a whining, buzzing, or clunking sound coming from beneath your automobile, it may indicate a transmission issue. Transmission sounds may be the result of deteriorating automatic transmission fluid. The fluid is responsible for lubricating a staggering number of moving parts.

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The transmission is part of your car that converts the power from your engine to the wheels by shifting gears and adjusting the speed-torque ratio. The transmission is an essential component for getting your car going. At Custom Complete Automotive, we are happy to provide unmatched transmission services at low prices to ensure your transmission and car remain in top shape. To learn more about our transmission repair services, contact us today!

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