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6 Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Car’s Battery

One of the worst starts to your day is the morning you turn the key in the ignition or push the start button and hear a low grinding sound or nothing. The battery is dead, and you will be late for work, school, or an appointment. Maybe you left the lights on and recharging it will solve the problem. Or maybe it is time for a new battery.

mechanic inspecting car battery during routine maintenance inspection

Keep Your Battery in Good Condition

In an ideal world, a car battery will last six years. In reality, you can count on your battery lasting between three and five years. If your battery is not subjected to high temperatures and humidity, you can expect it to last longer.

Proper battery care will lengthen your battery’s lifespan. Remember these simple rules:

  • Keep your battery fully charged.
  • Making many short trips can actually hurt your battery, so try to keep short drives to a minimum.
  • Ensure the lights and radio are off and any accessories are unplugged when the engine is not running.
  • Have your battery checked during every vehicle maintenance check and be sure to have your vehicle checked as often as the manufacturer or your mechanic recommends.

Warning! Signs Your Battery Could be Failing

Be alert for these signs of a failing battery:

  1. Your car begins to take longer to start.
  2. Your car lights are growing dim and your electrical components do not work properly.
  3. Your “check engine” light comes on.
  4. When you open the hood, you smell rotten eggs. This usually means the battery is leaking.
  5. Your connectors are corroded. You will see a white, ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery.
  6. Your battery case is cracked or misshapen.

If you notice any of these signs, have your battery checked by a professional as soon as possible.

At Custom Complete Automotive, our highly qualified team of technicians will help you extend the life of your car battery and replace your battery as needed. To learn more about our auto servicescontact us today with your car care questions and concerns. We look forward to serving you!