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4 Myths About Oil Changes You Should Stop Believing Today

Have you heard, and maybe believed, these four oil change myths? If so, it's time to debunk these myths and learn the truth about oil changes!

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Myth 1. Dark Oil Should Always be Changed

Many believe that dark oil signifies the need for an immediate oil change. However, the main reason oil darkens is due to oxidation and the absorption of by-products from combustion. This just means that the oil is doing its job of lubricating and cleaning your engine! In addition, some newer types of oil are already dark because of the additives they contain. Change the oil according to the schedule recommended in your car’s owner manual, not by its color.

Myth 2: Synthetic Oil Causes Leaks

The myth that synthetic oils cause engine leaks dates back to the 1970s with the introduction of “slipperier” synthetic oils. However, that slipperiness has more to do with the oil's viscosity than how it's made. In fact, synthetic oil actually provides better engine protection at extreme temperatures and does not cause your engine to leak.

Myth 3: You Can't Switch Back to Conventional Oil After Using Synthetic Oil

Contrary to popular belief, switching back and forth between synthetic and conventional oils will not harm your engine.  In fact, synthetic blends are already a mix of both conventional and synthetic oil. As long as the oil is in line with what your vehicle needs, you can change back and forth as often as you want.

Myth 4: Thicker Engine Oil is Always Best

Thicker oil is recommended in the summer when the heat can cause a thinner oil to get too thin to protect your car's engine properly. However, thicker oil in the winter can get so cold it's like sludge in your engine. You'll want a thinner oil in winter so it actually still flows on those bitterly cold days!

Visit Our Oil Change Experts at Custom Complete Automotive

Regular oil changes are one of the most important steps you can take to improve the longevity of your vehicle. At Custom Complete Automotive, we offer a comprehensive oil change service. Besides changing your oil, we top off all of your vehicle's other essential fluids. We also perform a preventative maintenance check to ensure your ride is ready to safely hit the road. To learn more about our oil change services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact us today!

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