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Pros and Cons of an Electric Vehicle

Many factors should be considered when deciding to purchase a new vehicle. If you are considering an electric vehicle for your next car, check out this list of benefits and a few drawbacks.

electric vehicle charging battery

Pros: Lower Usage and Maintenance Costs

Owning a car comes with a day to day cost of fuel and occasional maintenance, but an electric vehicle can save you money in both of these cases. The efficiency of the components of an electric vehicle contributes to a larger mileage limit than traditional diesel vehicles. Fuel economy in 2019 listed the Honda Accord Hybrid as having a fuel economy of 48 MPG, compared to around 33MPG for the 2018 Accord with a traditional four-cylinder, automatic car.

Electric vehicles are also easier to maintain, even Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or PHEVs have significantly fewer moving parts. While not being completely battery-powered, the lifespan of the fuel components is greatly extended due to less interference by the electric vehicle components.

Cons: Charging Time

No product is without flaw, and while the above-mentioned perks may entice you, it is a good practice to be informed of some of the less desirable situations that can arise from owning an electric car. One immediate problem is that due to the technology still emerging, the infrastructure has not caught up just yet. Long-distance trips are very hard to plan as outside of heavily urban areas, there isn’t much support for charging stations. Another glaring issue is the length of time it can actually take to charge the car. Cars need around 8 hours to be fully charged when using traditional outlets, and even lightning-fast charging stations require around 30 minutes to reach 80% of charge.

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